Seaside, Oregon

Fun for the whole family awaits you on the sandy beaches of Seaside, Oregon! Make sure to bring your four legged friends as many of the areas hotels are willing to accommodate your pooch. Best part, no need to carry water dishes, as plenty of business on the prom already have them out! Our family had decided to head for the coast upon hearing of the first sunny weekend in months. Yes, after months of solid rain, we were sun deprived and in desperate need of basking and relaxing. Which is almost exactly what we got in Seaside. The occasional showers didn’t dampen our spirits, rather gave us an excuse to head for the shops! You’ll find that Seaside, Oregon is a relaxing destination, with plenty of options! Wide, long sandy beaches offer privacy and are perfect for flying kites and building sand castles. While Broadway Street offers cute tourist shops, fully stocked candy stores, ice cream pallor’s and delicious family dinning.IMG_7717 (2)A place to call home while you visit:

A few minutes spent browsing the internet for places to stay, with ease of access to Broadway Street, that offer an indoor pool. Easily lead us to choose, the Hi-Tide Oceanfront Inn.  Simple to find, plenty of parking, great staff and it’s truly right next to it all! Yet, as Fred point’s out, “it’s just far enough away”! We enjoyed our time spent at the hotel and are looking forward to returning.

Pros: Welcoming and attentive staff. Our second floor room had amazing views! Our double queen room was large and had plenty of relaxing space while the kitchenette was fully stocked. We enjoyed the free movies available for check out from the lobby. Lily loved the swimming pool, while Fred enjoyed the hot tub. I was pleased with the location. While we all appreciated the easy, bench lined, ten minute walk to Broadway Street.

Cons: The hotel is outdated and the rooms show signs of wear. You will need to cross the parking lot to get to the swimming pool, and as Lily pointed out “Brrr”! Rooms could use to be cleaned with a little more attention to detail.

From our family to yours:  The lobby offers free, fresh baked, gooey, yummy, cookies, from 6 pm to 8 pm, while supply lasts!  Usually, I find that a companies own website will offer the best prices, however this time Expedia saved us $35.00 a night by booking with them. I was pleasantly surprised with Expedia as I received several confirmation emails and checking in/out was a breeze!IMG_7247Enjoy some time on the sand:

A wide, maintained,  oceanfront boardwalk spans two miles of the coast line in Seaside. The board walk offers benches, easy beach access and swing sets to enjoy while you watch the waves roll in. Lily found the swing sets enjoyable when she wasn’t attempting to dig to China. These photos were taken from our balcony!

Seaside beaches are great for beach combing, building sand castles, and flying kites during the day. While quite nights are perfect for having  a beach fire, just buy some wood and a smores kit form the hotel lobby!

From our family to yours: Have kids bring their scooters and helmets! As the board walk is the perfect place to ride em. Double score is that most scooter brands fold up making impromptu shopping trips easier then with bikes!IMG_7440 (2)Relax while watching the birds:

These cute long-billed Curlews landed by us, while we looked for shells and interesting rocks. We got a kick out of them as they chased the waves in and out, looking for their next meal. There were so many different birds to spot while in Seaside, everything from Bald Eagles to Seagulls! Speaking of  this one joined us on our balcony, much to Lily’s delight! He was the perfect house quest and was quick to leave when his tricks brought about no rewards of human food. I was just glad he stuck around long enough for a quick photo shoot!

Yummy spots to eat:

We found some great places while in Seaside to dine! Having arrived late in the evening on our first day, we choose to relax and order in pizza from Angelina’s Pizzeria and Cafe. They are open until 10 pm but took our order at 9: 50 pm and even stayed past closing to deliver us our hot pie! Their stellar service and tasty pizza’s will keep us coming back for years to come! We chose the alfredo tuscan chicken pizza which was delicious and hit the spot after a long day!

My personal favorite Seaside eatery is Finn’s Fish House. It’s on Broadway Street, across from the carousel shopping center and offers an amazing salmon clam chowder! I can’t help myself and always order the same amazing dish, the smoked salmon cheese ravioli. Which is absolutely delectable! Rich, creamy salmon sauce is laid thick upon fluffy pillows of cheese filled ravioli.  While large chunks of smoked salmon delightfully adorn the plate. Served with a cup of salmon clam chowder or a garden salad, with a large piece of garlic bread. Seriously So yummy!  Try a pina colada from the bar, and  let the good times roll!

IMG_7856 (2)My husbands favorite restaurant, was right next to our hotel, Maggie’s on the Prom. Reservations are recommend and well worth the call! Tastefully decorated inside and out, Maggie’s high demand patio seating area looks out over the ocean while raised booth seating inside offered stunning views!

We ordered for Lily the kids mac and cheese, which was home made, reasonably priced and was a rather large portion. So large in fact that my husband and I found it to be a delightful midnight snack! Lily had really wanted king crab legs. How she even knew to ask for them is beyond me! Anyways, the current market value for king crab is a pricey one, and she’s never even tried it before. Not to mention she is seven and were not rich. So needless to say, we did what any working parent would, we settled on her trying an appetizer of two crab cakes. Tossing in an order of the kids mac, just in case. Well, She ate almost all of the crab cakes, which were also divine and barley touched the mac and cheese. Then politely asked, “Since I ate all of my crab cakes, and liked them, next time can I have the king crab?” Score one for Lily.

After viewing the desert menu, Lily and I  were forced, yep were going to stick with that. To share an extra large, amazingly tall slice of home made cheese cake. Rich caramel heavily drizzled over the decadent cream and was absolutely sinful! Unfortunately for Dad, there just wasn’t enough!

From our family to yours:  The waitstaff at Maggie’s on the Prom are amazing! They were completely understanding when Lily knocked over and broke her crystal water glass. We were all so embarrassed. But they had it cleaned up in no time, while our waitress assured Lily it was no big deal, which really helped! P.S. I thank you again!


Silly things to do:

If you like to laugh then pop into Keep It Covered hats, located in the carousel shopping center, and prepare to be photo bombed! The staff  are silly and friendly. We loved how they always seemed to be having such a blast, laughing at all the crazy tourists! 😉 Finally, a place where they encourage you to take photos, and play with EVERYTHING! Since you’re already there how about a spin on the carousel? Beautifully painted horses gallop around, while large red sleighs offer adult seating.

Navigate the Necanicum River in a swan paddle boat! Centrally located right off of Broadway, in Quatat park. Spend a little time there relaxing and exploring the park, a welcomed break from consumerism. But be warned, if it’s windy and choppy at all, you won’t paddle far!

A classic and still a good time is the Seaside Arcade! Offering a wide verity of games for all ages. Fred and I like to battle it out at a game of air hockey while Lily loves getting those tickets. Bring on the stuffed animals and pixi stixs!

Looking for a way to give back:

Stop and enjoy the wonderful view while listing to local street performers. A couple we saw were really great! One, young man, blew us away while he laid down a heavy beat with his well loved paint buckets, while belting out smooth lyrics. Lily seriously wanted lessons! While an older gentleman’s skilled fingers danced around an electric guitar, laying down notes worthy of any crowd.

IMG_7553 (2).JPGHere are some reviews from us to chew on:

The Seaside Aquarium is conveniently located two block off of Broadway Street and is reasonably priced. Lily enjoyed playing at the tide pools and loved being able to feed the seals. However she was the first one to notice the scared, curled up into a tight ball, stark white octopus. A bleeding puffy lip, sad looking larger fish, and the over crowed, small enclosures.

From our family to yours: We would like to kindly refer you and your family to the Newport Aquarium. Truly one of Oregon’s gems and a must for all! Well worth the three hour coast line drive from Seaside!

We had wanted to take Lily to a childhood favorite of ours, an amusement area there on Broadway. Featuring a tilt a whirl, mini golf and bumper cars. I wanted to check on hours, and see how big you had to be to ride alone. So off I took to search the web but found nothing recent about the company, nor any information. A Spring 2017 update: The amusement park is still there, looks to be operational, and even has a sign in the window that states ‘opens at 11:30’. But it NEVER opened! Our best guess is that it’s shut down. I even tried to ask some of the local shop owners about it, but they all said that it hasn’t been open in a long while now and no one knew what the story was. 😦IMG_7605 (2)

All my best and safe travels friends!


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