Portland Children’s Museum, Oregon

A fun day trip to the Portland Children’s Museum:

With ever changing exhibits the Portland Children’s Museum only gets better with each visit! Located right next to the Oregon Zoo and conveniently has a max line with an awesome tunnel, the Children’s Museum offers plenty of  fun for the whole family.  Plan to spend a day fully engaged while the kids splash around in the water room. Or ring up grocery’s while shopping at the neighborhood market. Maybe they’ll chose to eat locally sourced and hand made delicacies at the city cafe. Parents will smile as they watch their children sit in the alligator dentist chair while kids laugh as they brush his large teeth. The best part for us is watching all the little ones to come to life as they take control of the world around them and run with it!

From our family to yours: Plan to spend the whole day and pack a picnic lunch! Bring a blanket and enjoy a grassy area while eating your lunch or snag a table inside by the cafe.


Where to play:

As a child I loved the water room! Water tables with colorful rubber duckies set ready to race. Large, shinny wheels to crank to divert the water flow. Twirl the handle to send the water down onto drums or spin the wheel and send the water flowing through tubes to other tables. Still years later I find wonder and enjoyment at the Portland Children’s Museum! We all loved the outdoor adventure area. Open and close water gates to control the flow of water from above. Splash in the waterways, then dry off while playing a game of hide and seek in the alcoves of this beautifully designed stick village.

From our family to yours:  Bring a pair of water shoes and a change of clothes for the kiddo’s as they are going to get wet inside and out!

A fabulous up-cycle room offers tid bits of recyclable materials, hot glue guns, work stations and with a little imagination it’ll give children the rains to build creative new works of art!  All while your children’s art is free to keep in the up-cycling room. A fan favorite is always the clay studio. Children will enjoy sculpting a vase, or making a dog or how about a dish to hold earrings for Mom? No matter the project it’s sure to be fun!

From our family to yours:  With an additional fee the clay studio will fire your art which is available for pick up in a few days. You can also purchase a block of clay from them to take home. Which Lily is happy to say has lasted us for years!IMG_2132Children who love to climb, on well, everything, finally have a reason to! Snag a helmet and give it a go on this rock wall! Will your children make it all the way down the long wall? Next to the climbing wall is a large digging room full of Tonka Trucks and small tractors that lay in wait to assist young kids with the heavy lifting. Best part, no sand! Chunky rubber pellets make digging fun and clean up a breeze!

Lily’s favorite exhibit at the Portland Children’s Museum is the Theater. Which offers a large stage, ticket booth, and a sitting area for adults to watch the show. Costumes, make up, instruments, and thick red curtains make for a true to life play experience. Lily enjoyed playing the part of a black, super hero doggy while a small group of kids created the vibe with bursts of musical talent!

From our family to yours: There is not an area to clean off the stage makeup, so you might want to bring some wet-ones. Which will also make for a great way to give back. Simply leave the package of wet ones for others to enjoy!IMG_2119 (2)3Well worth the trip:

Any day spent where my whole family puts the electronics down is a good day indeed! Even I was so busy playing that I only managed to take a handful of photos. Make sure to check out Portland Children’s Museums website to see what new exhibits are going on this month!

From our family to yours: Parking can sometime be a challenge mostly during the summer months. We recommend taking the max while also saving on the parking fee! Be sure to spend time looking at the underground tunnel before taking the elevator up. If you decide to go by car, show up slightly before opening to ensure your parking spot. No matter how you chose to travel there be prepared for a quite ride back!

All our best and safe travels my friends!

Jenny, Fred and Lily

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