Oregon Coast Aquarium, Newport

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A famous Orca:

Some of you may remember a certain Orca whom found a home, be it a temporary one, in Newport Oregon. As a kid growing up in the early 90’s my siblings and I would watch Keiko and his Free Willy co-stars for hours. We’d pretend that we were best friends with the giant whale as we dashed around bedroom!  To our amazement the local news started reporting that the Oregon Coast Aquarium would be home to Keiko! We immediately started pleading with and negotiating with Mom and Dad to go see him! What felt like a year later, our prayers were finally answered. We were going to see Keiko! The famous Orca that had every kid in the united stated captivated, and he would swim right next to us!

I still remember it like it was yesterday. Keiko’s large sleek, black and white body would glide past the windows as he slowly circled the huge tank. Every few passes, he’d burst from across the tank and head butt the glass. A loud, echoing BANG, would give us a start. We’d shriek as we worried that he’d hurt himself, only to have him repeat the process. After a while, a young women came, she spoke to the excited crowd. Telling them all about Killer Whales and Keiko’s life there at the aquarium. As Keiko’s fan, it was the BEST day EVER!

Today you will find Keiko’s home transformed into the Passage of the Deep. Boasting a vast walk through, full glass tunnel. Take a walk throughout the ocean as you watch sharks and other sea life surround you! If you are brave enough, prepare to be amazed!

From our family to yours:  While checking out the Oregon Coast Aquarium’s website take a minute and have kids watch the aquari-cam!DSC04092

Great way to spend an afternoon:

Navigate around colorful tanks filled with jellyfish while taking in the natural feeling of each thoughtfully designed enclosure. All habitats offer sea life plenty of space to roam while feeling right at home in a realistic setting. Children will love how close they can come to the ocean world, while out getting wet!

A large, seabird aviary allows you to enjoy Puffins and other seabirds face to face. While a crowds cheers draw your attention to the playful Otters, as they dive after each other in hunt of clams. A massive touch pool allows soft fingers to pet the animals, while knowledgeable Staff guide the children in exploration. Hidden fish, flat fish, colorful fish and large fish keep kids excited!

Have a seat at the cafe and enjoy lunch or take in the gift shops while pausing for some fudge. Fun, large cutouts sit ready for your funny faces. While friendly face painters draw up kids delight.

From our family to yours:  Just a tip, most of the aquarium is out doors, so do mind the weather.

Why we love to visit:

Years later and I am still amazed and pleased with the Oregon Coast Aquarium. The teams commitment and care for the animals is top notch. While the detail to the exhibits and habitats are superb! Looking for a way to give back, donate to the Oregon Coast Aquarium or one of it’s great fundraisers!

All our best and safe travels my friends!

Jenny, Fred and Lily

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