Wallowa Lake in Joseph, Oregon

One of a kind gem:

A family paradise tucked and hidden away from it all! Sit back, relax and read this month best seller while the kids swim in the lake. Or at least that is what we were doing when we saw the coolest thing ever! Two rented boats sat just off shore, bouncing in the wake. A handful of men stood with their fishing rods in hand, line tight, patiently waiting for a bite. With a high screech, a Bald Eagle swooped down, skimmed the water between the two boats and plucked out a fat rainbow trout!

What can we say, fishing truly is the way to past time while at Wallowa Lake. You can bank fish, although fishing is best from a boat. Should you need a boat, they are available for rental at the Wallowa Lake Marina. Nothing sounds better to us then spending the day out on a boat, puttering around the lake in search of dinner! For those of you that would prefer a scenic lake tour check out Wallowa Lake Marina and rent a paddle boat or canoe.

From our family to yours: Fred suggests fishing for rainbow trout, lake trout and Kokanee.  While Lily adds, “See y’all, it’s easy!”  Good thing she’s earning her keep. 😉Lily WL

Attractions to enjoy while at the Lake:

Wallowa Lakes water is always cold but when it’s 90 degrees outside, it feels great to go swimming! Dawn some water shoes and walk in. A gradual decline allows you to work your way into the cold water, while still quickly getting adjusted to it. Both sides of the lake offer swimming, have a dock and boat launch area with picnic tables. Don’t forget to bring your dogs as all of Wallowa County is K9 friendly!

From our family to yours:  There are no life guard’s on duty and the water can be really cold at times, so please swim responsibly.

A fantastic place for a round of 18 hole mini golf is Mt. Pines Adventure Golf! Mt. Pines staff is friendly, full of smiles while the course is pristine! Nestled in a delightful wooded setting amidst the pine trees, you’ll enjoying resting by the waterfall, while the kids enjoy large ice cream cones. Enjoy more fun at the lake with a friendly race at Scenic Meadows Go-Carts! Sorry Fred and Lily, but I totally whopped you out there! Better luck next time. DSCN11678Book a Horseback trail ride through the mountains and spend your day bonding with a beautiful horse while admiring the view. Or maybe you prefer to stay on your own two feet and go for a hike. There are plenty of hikes around Wallowa Lake that are sure to amaze you! Fred suggests for an easy hike, plan for an hours trek to  BC Falls overlook. For a moderate hike, take The West Fork Wallowa River trail to 6 mile meadows. Look out around mile three for the best view of Ice Lake Falls.

No need to watch for wildlife at Wallowa Lake, as it’s busting with it, and It’ll come to you! Bald Eagles nest in the trees near the campsite and make appearances often. Bright red fish spawn in the river. Large Hawks observe from above while sitting on lamp posts in wait of tiny field mice. lazy Deer graze on the grass and enjoy being watched as you pass by.  No day will be boring, unless you want it to be. 🙂


Saved the best for last:

Pack a lunch and head to The Wallowa Lake Tramway. Get your camera ready as you board a gondola and climb higher and higher! The ride is terrifying yet worth every minute. Climb to vertical heights of 3700′  to the summit of Mt. Howard.

Once you survive the trip up to the top, the views from Mt. Howard will take your breath away, as will the staggering elevation of  7063 ft! Walk along the trails to fully experience all of that Mt. Howard has to offer!DSCN1337 (2)

Where to stay:

We have camped at the lake in a tent and we have rented a house. So we  know what were talking about when we say that either way you’ll be happy! Camping at Wallowa Lake State Park has a a lot to offer! Steps from the lake with it’s great view and vast green picnic areas, you’ll be happy that you chose to camp here. Amphitheater and Playground will keep kids busy while your family relaxes at camp.  Paved roads at the campground make  it easy for kids to bike around. Hot showers centrally located make it easy to get ready. While you’ll be within walking distance to all the fun activities the Lake has to offer while still close enough to have lunch back at camp!

From our family to yours: Make sure to pack mosquito repellent and citronella candles.

Renting a house at Wallowa Lake is easy and will make for a hassle free vacation! Our house was right off the river, which is where Lily caught those fish above with Fred. We were able to take a short walk thru the campground for easy access to the Lake. While a quick walk over the bridge brought us over to the Go Karts and Mini Golf.  We enjoyed being able to save some money and ate meals back in our house while taking advantage of the BBQ!

Great way to give back:

Help keep kids safe by teaching children the dangers of getting to close to wildlife. Even a doe that looks friendly, will charge if she feels provoked!


Why keep going back:

Take a page from the locals handbook and enjoy a slower pace of life! Leave your worriers in the city. Turn off your phones, if they still work, and just allow yourself to be. ❤

All our best and safe travels my friends!

Jenny, Fred and Lily

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