Yellowstone National Park: Old Faithful

Large groups gather around the crescent moon shaped viewing area. While people chat excitedly about the small group of Bison out to our left. Children mimic the calves as they chase one another, darting and weaving around the rows of seating. A hush waves through the crowd as thick white plumes of steam climb from the ground. Old Faithful prepares for the show, as children settle to the ground where they once played.

Rapid click, click, clicks, brings about the sound of crickets chirping as a bolt of lighting thunders over the hills in the distance. Dark clouds roll in fast as Old Faithful is heating up. Two, quick, small eruptions please the crowd as thunder claps over head.  Rumbles and grumbles underfoot add to the suspense. Rapidly a narrow, boiling, ribbon of water shoots from the ground as ooo’s and ahhh’s fill the crowd. Darting high into the sky, the boiling water seems to burn a hole in the clouds before returning to the ground. Old Faithful presented us with a nine minute show from beginning to end. Which ended up being the perfect amount of time, as the rain ensued minutes later.  Old FaithO FaithfulOld Faithful is a predictable cone geyser, with typical eruptions occurring 90 minutes apart from each other. Check out or for a chart of eruption times, based on time of year. Old Faithful is not the tallest or largest geyser in the park; that prize belongs to the less predictable Steamboat Geyser. However due to it’s unpredictable nature, we opted to skip the Steamboat Geyser and attend Old Faithfuls show.  Which we thought was awesome and worth the visit! Old Faithful offers eruptions that soar 106 feet to 185 feet into the sky.  Average eruption times are 3 to 10 minutes. Best to set up the camera first!

From our family to yours:  While the seating area is large and comfortable, there were a lot of people watching the show! If you’re looking for a front row seat, with prime viewing, we suggest arriving at least 45 minutes in advance. We arrived about twenty minutes before the show and were able to snag the end of a bench, in the middle row. P.S. Thank you so much to the sweet couple who shared your part of the bench with us! ❤Lodge.jpgLodge 2Make sure to stop in and check out the Old House at Old Faithful Inn while you’re there. Built in 1904, Old House has one of the most impressive lobby’s I’ve ever seen! A massive stone fireplace sets as the focal point and anchor of the lobby.  Sit by the fire in an over sized, sturdy, comfortable, hickory carved chair and enjoy listening to the fire snap. Visitors marvel at one of the largest log structures in the world, as they peer up at the second and third floors. Tall Timber columns reach from the floor to roof while limbs work as supports and railing of the second and third floors. When the lodge first opened in the spring of 1904, it featured electric lights and steam heat. Old Faithful inn is unique in that, it’s one of the few log hotels still standing in the United States!


All our best and safe travels!

Jenny, Fred and Lily

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