Pips and Bounce; Ping Pong at it’s best!

Who would of thought that table tennis could be so darn cool! My amazingly awesome ladies group and I had the time of our lives at Pips and Bounce. Chopping and backhanding, blocking and diving. All in pursuit of those crazy returns, you know the ones, where your friend, lobs the little ping pong ball across the table. Bouncing just once right on the edge of the table. To ricocheting sharply to the right, just outta your reach. And of course you have to Superman that shit! Time seems to slow as your arm stretches out, just barely able to ping the small orange orb. Spinning just above the green top, over the net and one bounce then off the edge. “Nailed it!” you yell, from the floor. Victory!IMG_8368 (2)Two large rooms house eight tables that rent for $15.00 for half  an hour, per table. Kids and adults will love using their handy dandy contraption made specifically for picking up ping pong balls. Not that you have to, as this place will pick all the balls up for you! But really go ahead and give it a go! 🙂 This is a fun and affordable place to drink, eat and play. Pips and Bounce is serving up pizzas and drinks that looked and smelled amazing. I was dying to try a slice as I noticed that not one tray had so much as a tiny morsel left!IMG_8364 (2)Conveniently located on Belmont Street in Portland Oregon, this trendy joint sure knows how to create an inviting space with it’s large windows, open floor plan, and lots of bright colors, calling to the child in all of us. A short walk will take you to the max line or bus station. Belmont is a bike riders paradise offering designated bike lanes and plenty of areas to chin up. Should you chose to drive in, there is a parking lot, which offers 1 hour and 2 hour parking for free. On- street parking is also available for a fee. Either way close parking spaces are limited. IMG_8371 (2)What do hip, cool, people do in Portland, that’s easy; they watch dog shows and play table tennis!  😉


All my best and safe travels!


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