Our Exceptional Little Friend (E.L.F. for short) Sophie

Santa really is amazing, as every year he sends Sophie to our house for a vacation. Our E.L.F, you know the ones I’m talking about. The group of Exceptional Little Friends that live in the North Pole. Well Sophie, our E.L.F. she arrives on December first and she always comes prepared. Her heavy and large suitcase looks, well, ready to pop. It keeps me wondering all month long as to what she’s got inside. I suppose she could have a Jack in the box, a small one, just her size. Oh, I know, maybe she’s got a huge stash of cookies! That’s what I’d do. DSC03848 (3)The night before Sophie arrives, I’m to excited to fall asleep. I know that I’ll be tired tomorrow, but thoughts of playing with Sophie and the North Pole race around. Will Santa miss Sophie while she’s here? Does Santa and his team of reindeer fly each E.L.F to their vacation destination? Will my friends like my E.L.F doll to?

Sophie who had checked in on her friend often, had known just what to bring her. This year in particular the little young lady had been asking for a bucket of cheese for Christmas from Sophie. “Cause only a bucket of cheese, all to herself, could prove that Sophie was real” Lily had stated. So there Sophie was now, on December first, much to Lily’s surprise, sitting on the sofa, waiting for her to arrive. The day had been a really long one for Lily, but worth it, as there Sophie sat, with a bucket of cheese, and it was all for her!

Days later and Lily still couldn’t believe that Sophie was real! Laying in bed she thought back over the last few days. It had been so much fun playing with Sophie, she squealed with glee. Like little pink sheep, Lily counted all of the tricks that Sophie would play on her as she drifted off to sleep. As Lily slept, Sophie began the night by coloring a wonderful scene. There she stood, sleepy, jumping from one key to another on the family’s computer. One last jump and the printer came to life with a loud hum. Falling from the printer just in time, as steps from above make Sophie rush. Lily runs down the stairs, just as Sophie rests on the edge of the table. A pretty, perfectly colored letter lay on the table next to Sophie. Red and green sparkle dust is sprinkled over the page.IMG_8511 (2)Sophie, like all kids, enjoyed having a good time. Especially when it was a little naughty. Like teepeeing our Christmas tree, or when she and Goldie had a flour fight in our kitchen. Boy was that was a pain to clean up! For some reason Sophie and Goldie weren’t getting along this year. Mom said that it must be because of Ken. Pay backTogether, we all learned an important lesson on how NOT treat our friends! Cause as Sophie said, “Pay back sucks”! Maybe we should all just focus on getting along. Lily wanting to show how to be a good friend, had decided that she’d work extra hard to be good. She even helped Sophie and Goldie become better friends. But like many kids, Lily couldn’t always behave. And part of hosting an E.L.F meant that you’d agreed, in writing, that she could tattle on you to Santa! Hey it sounded good at the time.

However this was not one of those good moments. Poor Lily who had been working so hard to be good. Was in the middle of a fit. A weak moment of grand misbehaving. Sophie who was under strict rules from Santa. She had no choice but to return to her shelf, grab her suitcase and return home. Mr. and Mrs. Clause greeted her and asked if all was well. Mrs. Clause handed Sophie a platter of warm, gooey cookies, while she explained what Lily had been up to. Santa and Sophie wrote a letter to Lily. Which Sophie rushed back in the cold night. Her suitcase in one hand, a cookie in the other and the letter tucked into her coat. Quietly Sophie was able to sneak through the dog door. Into the warm house where she warmed herself by the fire. In the morning Sophie was resting after her long journey home when Lily came down the stairs and read her letter.IMG_8515 (2).JPGLily was sad that she had gotten a warning, but was thankful that it was just a warning. As Lily read the last part of the letter her eyes were bright, as she read about the ELF Pack. Gee, she had thought. Those ELF Packs must be strong to carry Sophie and her bag all the way here!

A few days later when all was good and going well. The door bell rang which paused all the fun. Rushing towards the door, wide, sparkling, eyes would peek through the window at what awaits. “It’s a letter from Santa!” Lily declared. IMG_8516 (5).JPGSophie got a special kick out of old St. Nick letters, as it wasn’t every day that the jolly man himself would write. A tiny, white envelope would lay next to Lily’s for Sophie. She never lets us read them. Instead Sophie would file them away, in her rather large suitcase. Choosing to wait and read them, once we’d all gone to bed. Sometimes we’d wonder if they were letters from her friends with ideas of fun things to do while on vacation. DSC03853 (2)Like the time that we came home to Sophie hanging from the ceiling fan. Flying around the house like Peter Pan. Speaking of flying, Sophie really seems to have a passion for it. As just yesterday Sophie was teaching Angle how to fly. We wish that she could teach us to. Oh please could ya? What it must be like to be an E.L.F on vacation.15622462_415843375472281_6830320697286268401_nOver the next several weeks Sophie continued to play tricks on us. Some we found funny. While others, like the time that Sophie went fishing from our toilet bowl, yeah that was kind of gross! Lily is still blown away, thinking about the fishing line that dangled into the water, with four gold fish crackers hooked to the line.

Every morning we’d wake up and couldn’t wait to rush to the living room to see what Sophie had been doing the night before. Sophie had been amazing at leaving Lily little reminders of how to be good. Like hiding all of the candy from Lily’s count down calendar and only giving Mom and Dad the map of it’s whereabouts. Which were only to be given to Lily once her chores had been done. Sophie.jpgOur last week with Sophie is always the best! That’s when we get our family gift from her. It’s Sophie’s way of saying thanks for making her vacation great! Last year it was an Elf on the shelf board game. Sophie’s card had said that it was all the rave in the North Pole. We returned the favor by giving Sophie an Elf on the shelf shirt, every other E.L.F is going to be so jealous!

In the blink of an eye it’s already Christmas Eve. Sophie spends her last day watching us put the finishing touches on our Christmas gifts to each other. While Christmas music played as the prep work for tomorrows meal begins. The roar of the vacuum barely heard over the laughing voices, as rugs need brushing, chairs dusted and linens washed.  A few short hours from now Santa would arrive to pick up Sophie. Santa and his reindeer would soar around picking up the Elves while delivering the gifts to the children of the world. Santa laughs as he comes into the room and see’s Sophie hanging an E.L.F sledding on her belly ornament onto the green brightly lit tree. Sophie and Santa hug then take a seat on the comfy couch. Santa can’t wait to hear about Sophie’s vacation and all of her adventures. Munching on Christmas cookies and drinking milk Sophie gave her own belly laugh, as she told Santa about the horrible winter storm that had made people abandoned their cars on the freeway. Sophie shook her head, walking towards the empty fireplace. Thoughts of that happening at the North Pole, made her smile. “If only they’d had a sled!” Santa said laughing. Sophie sat on Santa’s shoulder as they popped up and out of the chimney. Sophie leaned over the chimney, opened her coat and pulled out a white square envelope. Shaking a small pouch over the card Christmas Dust sprinkled all over it. Sophie kissed the card and dropped it down the chimney. The card floated to the tree where it lay against a branch by the E.L.F ornament Sophie had left. Inside the card read, simply:

Thank you for a wonderful vacation as always my friends. May your Christmas be merry and bright! With many hugs and lot’s of love, until we meet again.


Sophie an Exceptional Little Friend (E.L.F. for short)





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