Bubble Science Kit

IMG_8284 (2)

Bubble Science was an awesome find I had picked up while shopping at one of my favorite stores, Copper Creek located in Joseph, Oregon. Knowing that Lily who was turning eight  would love this, I hadn’t been able to put it down! I appreciated the value of the kit at just $8.99, and was pleasantly surprised with the durability of the items provided. You can also purchase the Bubble Science kit on Amazon.com for $10.25.

Bubble Science supplied almost everything that was needed, however there was a handful of  household items that we had to gather before we started. Things like tape and paper. We also recommend on planning to either make more bubbles, which the kit does have a recipe for, or have some store bought bubble solution on hand. Our extra bubbles were bought at the dollar store, and with some added liquid soap they worked great! While bubbles are fun for all ages, Bubble Science is recommended for ages 5+ as the kit contains small parts.

Bubble Science is user friendly however Lily did feel that with her Dad’s help and direction, the kit was much easier to use. While Fred thought that Bubble Science was fun, entertaining and a great family activity. Lily’s mind had been blown with the huge bubbles that she was able to create with little effort. Fred was also impressed with the amount of experiments you could do within this kit. While I found enjoyment in watching Fred and Lily spend hours together inside and out playing with bubbles.

There were a couple of let down’s in regards to the Bubble Science kit, but overall they were not a big deal. First being that we had wished that the bubble solution included within the kit was larger. Second, Lily did not like the square bubble experiment as it was hard to figure out and it didn’t produce the result it was supposed to. However, we were able to turn this into a positive by using it as an example of a failed experiment and also a teaching opportunity about trial and error. 🙂

When I asked Lily what she thought overall about Bubble Science she stated, “Mom this kit was SO MUCH FUN! All of my friends need one too.” Which makes this kit kid tested and mother approved!

All our best,

Jenny, Fred and Lily


















Update: Two months later and Lily is still playing with her Bubble Science kit! The small bottle of bubbles provided only lasted that first day. But with a quick trip to our local dollar store for a large bottle of bubbles, she was back to playing in no time. Lily has enjoyed showing her friends how to make giant bubbles, using the wand that she created with the Bubble science kit! Her next mission is to make the wand larger to see if she can make even bigger bubbles.



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