Attracting my tribe

IMG_7828 (2) Let’s slow down for a moment and close our eyes. Focus on taking several deep cleansing breaths and unplug from the race that is life. Let go of all of the days stresses. Envision the stress rolling from your shoulders and washing down your back. Focus on the brightness and warmth given to us from the sun. Picture being bathed in it’s warmth as you fully  relax every muscle. From your neck to your fingers all the way down to your toes. Imagine feelings of being refreshed and energized as you open your eyes.

Imagine what it would be like to have a few simple thoughts change how your whole day appears to you. From the moment you wake up, let gratitude fill your soul. I enjoy hitting the snooze button on my alarm as I lay there in bed, nice and cozy. Listing off whatever comes to mind, today I’m thankful for the fresh brewed coffee I’m about to make. I’m thankful that I’m able to take Lily to school in the mornings. Most days my list is simple highlighting on all our creature comforts of home, while thinking of my amazing family and friends. I hope that you’ll find, as I have, that when you allow yourself a moment of gratitude each day,  it’s a impact is huge.

Since moving back to the city, I’ve found that I’d replaced my relaxing country commute for one dripping with stress and boarder line road rage. Yes, I’m fully aware that this behavior is counterproductive, so I made the decision to change my point of view. Leaving behind the congested freeways, I now opt for city roads. Yup they’re still frustrating. Today is a prime example of this, as I’m watching the zipper not close as it should, which has  resulted in me sitting stopped thru a green light. But instead of getting upset and stressed, I challenged myself to find three words to focus on as a way to relieve the tension. Today’s simple words that guided me throughout the day;

ALLOW: Allow for yourself to stop and smell the roses as you pass. Allow for the thought that you have all the time in the world. Allow for only positive and uplifting self talk. (To yourself and others!)

JOY: Take joy in all of life’s little moments. Seek to spread joy to others. Sing as often as you can, as this is known to invoke feelings of happiness and joy.

LEARN: Learn to savor every last bite of that decadent cake, while never counting the calories, cause you’re perfect the way that you are! Learn what makes you happy and do it as often as you can. Learn to replace negative thoughts and allow for a brighter happier life.

So, what caused my outlook to change? Simply stated, I did! I learned to let go of the way that others saw me and to trust in the way that I felt about myself. I learned to give to others freely, not concerning myself with how they might chose to utilize the assistance that I’ve offered. Instead I’d focused on the knowledge that what I’d offered was greatly appreciated. I dove into the depths of all that was possible and frankly at times I felt as though I might drown. Completely overtaken by the sheer amount of possibilities and what if’s. That’s when a wise reminder would whisper to me, “Any possibility worth pursuing shall feel effortless in it’s attainability “.

With those powerful words in mind, I dared to dream. I embraced the thought that I sat in the driver’s seat of my life, and that I alone controlled the outcome of it. I learned not worry about the HOW and instead focus on the WHAT and WHY. Slowly I became free. I learned that I’m the creator and guiding force of my future, and that nothing, not a person or a situation has that power, but me!

With that, I leave you with these thoughts: Do you have a love for life? A giving and compassionate soul? Do you enjoy exploring new places? Are you still a kid at heart? Is your family the hub and love of your life? Would wandering off the beaten path appeal to you? Do you consider your self open minded? Does the law of attraction interest you? If you answered yes to any of these, then please consider becoming part of my tribe! Cause you my friend are who I have been looking for, and I know that together we can rock this!

All my best,








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