Ask and you shall receive: Dutch Love with a side of Cookie

There I was being pulled down by a bad couple of weeks. I was left feeling under appreciated, over worked and frustrated. Thankfully fate stepped in and over the next few days I was sent little gifts for a brighter week. Pulling up to my favorite coffee shop I had been pleased to find that there wasn’t a line, which never happens! My coffee was made within minutes and when my coffee was handed to me there was a nice message written on it. Reminding me that others do care!Thankful for

Then my amazing manager brings in these delightful cookies. To which I am pleased to say, were just what I needed to start my day off with a smile. 🙂 Thank you, for the pretty and delicious cookie! A few days later I was surprised yet again with another amazing cookie, this time in celebration of my co-workers one year mark. Which only goes to show you that management really does care and appreciate the dedicated team that supports their clients. After all of this awesomeness, who couldn’t forget about the bad week from before!

Awe the small things in life!


2 thoughts on “Ask and you shall receive: Dutch Love with a side of Cookie

  1. I really enjoyed these postings written by Jennybeesitetosea. They are enjoyable, flowing, informative and humorous as she includes her family.

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    1. Awe thank you so much Diane! I’m glad that you are enjoying my blog!
      All my best,


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