Ask and you shall receive: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

As if my company wasn’t already awesome enough, they decided to have a raffle to which staff could earn tickets by simply doing their jobs! Yes, I too am totally speechless. Honestly, my company really is this awesome! Oh yeah and the company let us all submit ideas for the prizes. No surprise that everyone’s favorite was a fully paid day off. Which I have to say, kept me up at night dreaming of how nice that would be to have an extra day off.  Another item was a Powell’s City of Books gift card. “Ooh pick me!” What can I say, I love to spend the day at the book store. 😉 Which ever of my coworkers thought of this item I thank you, as who doesn’t want a $50.00 Visa gift card. You rock! A lovely day at OMSI with enough money on the gift card for the whole family.

P.s. from our family to yours: Should your family find themselves in Portland, Oregon make a plan to spend a day playing at O.M.S.I!

There I was standing nervously at the raffle bags, tickets in hand. Wondering which one’s to place my bets. In the end I divided up my tickets and added them to every bag!  Crossing my fingers and toes, I waddled back to my desk and let the raffle begin!

IMG_1839 (2)

Do you see my winnings? Yup, that’s all mine. I just cannot believe my luck! Oh….yeah…..I also won the extra PTO day…..  Just saying….

Honestly I am NEVER this lucky….

Unfortunately however; I must not of said my thank you’s enough, because I ended up using my ‘won’ day off, sick in bed with the flu…Booo! Oh well, what are ya gonna do. I’m just thankful that I had it to use! I know I’ve said it before, lots, but, my company really is this awesome! I’m just so thankful to everyone involved with the raffle. Honestly, my family and I are so excited to have so many fun things to do over the next few months. But for now were heading out to dinner!

~ Jenny

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