Ask and you shall receive: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

As if my company wasn’t already awesome enough, they decided to have a raffle to to which staff members could earn tickets by simply doing their jobs! Yes, I too am totally speechless.

Honestly, my company really is this awesome!

Collectively we gathered ideas for potential gifts. No surprise that everyone’s favorite was an extra paid day off. Which I have to say, kept me up at night dreaming of how nice that would be to have an extra day off. Just to be able to set it aside for our Disneyland vacation.

Another item was a Powell’s city of books gift card. “Oh me, pick me!” What can I say, I could easily see myself spending the day at the book store.

Whoever thought of this item, I thank you in advance. A $50.00 Visa gift card. You rock!

An OMSI gift card with enough on it for the whole family.

From our family to yours: Should your family find themselves in Portland, Oregon make a plan to spend a day playing at O.M.S.I!

There I was standing nervously at the bags. Wondering which one’s to place my tickets. After carefully diving the lot of em’, I picked my top five and went for it.  Crossing my fingers and toes, I waddled back to my desk and let the raffle begin!

IMG_1839 (2)

Did you see my winnings? Yup, that’s all mine.  WOW, I just cannot believe my luck!

Oh….yeah…..I also won the extra PTO day…..  Just saying….

Honestly I am NEVER this lucky….

Unfortunately however; I must not of said my thank you’s enough, because I ended up needing to use my ‘won’ day off…..Oh well…. what ya gonna do….. I’m just thankful that I had it to use!

I know I’ve said it before but, my company really is awesome! We’d like to thank everyone involved with the raffle! Honestly, my family and I are so excited to have so many fun things to do over the next few weeks. But tonight we’re heading to dinner!

~ Jenny

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