Ask and you shall receive: A Pug’s life

Driving to school this morning Lily says, “Mom will you find me some funny pug videos and post them to your page?” “Yeah no problem, I’ll check it out on my break.” I reply. However, I’ve got to be honest pugs are really not my animal of choice. Anyhow….I get to work, got busy, took my breaks, and start the count down….. Mission forgotten, oops!

Shortly before the grind comes to a halt; we’re enjoying a few minutes of down time chatting it up. When the conversation of pugs comes up. Apparently one of my coworkers loves pugs! Oh hey, I was supposed to look for pugs…. Lily likes pugs. Oh yeah! Mission remembered! “Funny, Lily loves pugs too and was asking me to post about them this morning.” I say. Minutes later my awesome and amazing coworker sends me a link to a super funny pug page. “Oh yeah, Lily is going to love this!” Later that night sitting around the table; I show Lily the link. Fast forward about fifteen minutes and Lily’s stomach is hurting from all of her laughter. Mission accomplished! To my awesome coworker I say, thank you so much, you rock! You totally saved the day.

~ Jenny



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