Who we are


Hi all, I’m Jenny! I have a passion for photography, a knack for creating and an incurable case of wanderlust. Growing up my Mom loved to take us on long, winding road trips across the country side. While my Dad enjoyed weekend camping trips surrounded by nature. So really it’s no wonder that I grew up with a yearning for being away from it all. Which is a tradition that Fred and I want to enjoy and share with our little Lily. I am proud and excited to share our journeys, thoughts and creations with you and your family!  ❤


Hi, I’m Fred. I can easily be found waist deep, freezing in crystal clear water. Hands tense waiting for that elusive bite! When I’m not busy attending to Jenny or Lily’s catch, I’ve been known to hook a few big ones myself! 😉

When Jenny approached me and asked, “How’d you like it, if you were able to fish, backpack, hunt and generally travel more?” My head was nodding like a bobber before I even realized it. My thoughts had drifted away, on the slow moving waters filled with fat fish, just awaiting our next adventure!


Hello, my name is Lily. When Mom and Dad told me that we’re going to start a family travel blog, well, I was over the moon, super happy! Thoughts of super, fast rides, large castles, and my favorite princess, danced throughout my mind. As Mom busily explained to me what a Blog was. Truthfully though, I wasn’t listening as I was already dreaming of packing my bags. Disneyland here I come!

That’s when Mom and Dad said that we had to work up to that trip…. Bubble popped! 😦

Instead, Mom says that I “GET” to help her, by giving my insight as to what kids enjoy about traveling. So here it goes; while driving around, I feel inspired to draw colorful pictures of the places that we go and see. Mom makes sure to pack my field guide so I can write about my experiences. Later Mom and I will add them to my memory book of our trip. Dad always finds fun places to stop on the way so we can stretch our legs. Dad also always makes sure to bring a fishing pole, just in case, cause as Dad says, you never know when the right spot will appear!

Can I go to Disneyland now, please?

Our vacation style:

We enjoy a wide range of travel opportunities from boon dock camping in our trailer to five star resorts to kicking back in a rental house, where we can enjoy all of the comforts of home. Although as much as we like to bask in the good life, we do prefer to save a buck on accommodations. Which affords us the ability to take in more of the area that we are traveling to.

A typical camping trip for us could include looking for morel mushrooms, while Lily places Big Foot calls in the forest. To spying wildlife as we follow the tracks they leave behind. Finishing off our day by the fire, watching as it’s hot flames, dance around Lily’s burnt marshmallow, while she giggles with delight!

Just as we enjoy the country life we love exploring the city! We like to attend local festivals and entertainment to farmers markets to antique shops. We love taking day trips to explore the area and all it’s offerings!

Fred, Lily and I find it easy to gab away with the locals, who in turn love to dish about the best spots in town. Which have always yield fantastic results! Rich scents and delectable delights draw us into local eateries. While breath taking views always keep us wanting more! We enjoy everything from zoo’s to historical sties and parks, to scenic drives and hidden waterfalls. We’re always suckers for a good old road side attraction! Speaking of, Fred, Lily and I have developed a habit of being followed by Big Foot! Have you ever seen a Big Foot wearing an apron while ironing clothes? Well we have! 😉

Our Dream:

We’re beyond excited to be able to move towards our dreams of working from home, traveling at whim, all while spending more quality time together as a family! Sharing our experiences with you has brought our family closer and filled us with so much joy,  and for that we Thank You! May our suggestions help you and your family create a fun filled journey with positive lasting memories!

We believe that we’re well on our way to achieving our dream of success, and wish you the same in all of your endeavors! We know that you’ll be amazed and thankful for all the wonderful sights you see and people you meet along the way. May your journey be filled with love and laughter and safe passage!

All Our Best,

Jenny, Fred and Lily