Jenny Bee

Hey all, I’m Jenny!¬† Yep, totally generic…..don’t worry I’ve got this! ūüôā

My passions in life are simple;

I consider it bliss to spend my¬†afternoons reading like I’m Rory Gilmore.

I get a kick out of visualizing that I’m the¬†next crafting You Tube sensation.

Best part of any day is when my family cuddles up on the couch to watch a movie or paly a game.

I¬†simply love¬†to laugh!¬†Just the sheer thought of laughing, makes me laugh. I have picked up a hobby of sorts, collecting funny tidbits from across the internet and posting them to my¬†Facebook page. Which can be found at,¬†Jennybeelaughwithme! Um hum……. just a little self marketing….Seriously though check it out ūüėČ

Armed with my cannon, I’m optimistic as I wander about¬†every local haunt in our town and yours.

I enjoying practicing the art of mindfulness.

I’m a closet writer that just like¬†any other,¬†would like to come out…..just as soon as¬†I finish ¬†my book, that is. ūüôā


May we find inspiration together. 

~ Jenny


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