Finding my voice

Hey y'all! I just wanted to take a moment to touch base with everyone. As I'm sure you've noticed, my site is slowly evolving, as am I. Yay! It's hard to believe that four, almost five months ago now, wow time sure has flown by, that I dove head first into creating my blog. With basically no information or understanding … Continue reading Finding my voice

Wow, where has the summer gone

Hello Friends! I hope that ya all have had a wonderful summer! Wow what a whirl wind this summer has been for us. You might have noticed that as of late, I haven't been posting as frequently, and I'm sorry for that. I’ve been preoccupied with what has turned out to be a huge project. Which we're excited to finally be able … Continue reading Wow, where has the summer gone

Bubble Science Kit

Bubble Science was an awesome find I had picked up while shopping at one of my favorite stores, Copper Creek located in Joseph Oregon. Knowing that Lily who was turning eight  would love this, I hadn't been able to put it down! I appreciated the value of the kit at just $8.99, and was pleasantly surprised with the durability of the items … Continue reading Bubble Science Kit

Our Exceptional Little Friend (E.L.F. for short) Sophie

Santa really is amazing, as every year he sends Sophie to our house for a vacation. Our E.L.F, you know the ones I'm talking about. The group of Exceptional Little Friends that live in the North Pole. Well Sophie, our E.L.F. she arrives on December first and she always comes prepared. Her heavy and large … Continue reading Our Exceptional Little Friend (E.L.F. for short) Sophie

Pips and Bounce; Ping Pong at it’s best!

Who would of thought that table tennis could be so darn cool! My amazingly awesome ladies group and I had the time of our lives at Pips and Bounce. Chopping and backhanding, blocking and diving. All in pursuit of those crazy returns, you know the ones, where your friend, lobs the little ping pong ball across … Continue reading Pips and Bounce; Ping Pong at it’s best!

Yellowstone National Park: Paint Pots to Mammoth Hot Springs

Two Ribbons Trail: Heading in from West Yellowstone, MT follow US 20 E,  through the trees, to Two Ribbons Trail.  1.1 miles from the west Yellowstone entrance is a non marked, left hand turn into the parking lot for Two Ribbons Trail. We were pleased to find a raised, wooden plank boardwalk, snaking it's way … Continue reading Yellowstone National Park: Paint Pots to Mammoth Hot Springs

Yellowstone National Park: General information

Entrance fee's and Passes: Yellowstone National Park was the perfect road trip for our family. Offering short car rides, plenty of areas to stop and check things out, all while being fully immersed in nature. With a vast selection of flat maintained trails, we never needed to walk far to see the sights! A handful of … Continue reading Yellowstone National Park: General information

Yellowstone National Park: Lamar Valley

Cruise over the rolling hillside as it slowly guides you towards Lamar Valley. Warmer temperatures of late spring have thawed Yellowstone, bringing life back to the valley once more. The wide lazy waters of Lamar River slip thru the center of the prairie as you enter. Animal lovers will rejoice as vast herds of bison … Continue reading Yellowstone National Park: Lamar Valley

Yellowstone National Park: Old Faithful

Large groups gather around the crescent moon shaped viewing area. While people chat excitedly about the small group of Bison out to our left. Children mimic the calves as they chase one another, darting and weaving around the rows of seating. A hush waves through the crowd as thick white plumes of steam climb from … Continue reading Yellowstone National Park: Old Faithful